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More Kids Drowning in Arizona?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on May 18, 2018

Yes, the number of children who experience drowning accidents in Arizona is growing. There were more drownings in 2016 than previous years, and it has parents and health officials worried.

While no one is sure why there were more drownings, it could be simply because more and more people are enjoying pools and lakes in Arizona during the summer than ever before. There are also more private swimming pools being installed in homes throughout the state. This means more chances for children to fall in and drown, which means parents and caregivers have to be extra vigilant about safety precautions.

One of the best things parents can do is teach their children to swim. No age is too young to start. Young infants can learn the basics of rolling onto their backs if they fall into pools, and also how to navigate toward the side of the pool and hang on until help arrives. Older children should be able to master all the basics of turning onto their backs, swimming to the edge, and getting out. They should also know the rules of never going near a pool unless an adult has given them permission and is supervising.

Homeowners need to cover their pools and fence them with a childproof fence and keep the gate closed and locked at all times. This can help prevent children from falling into pools and drowning. Even ponds and lakes should have a fence around the perimeter in order to keep children from falling in.

Don’t forget the hot tubs! They should have childproof covers that children cannot lift and get under. Many children have died from falling in and getting trapped under the cover. The tub can also be secured with a fence around the perimeter for extra protection.

Watch for drains and pipes. Children can be sucked into drains and pipes in pools because they are lighter and easier to pull under. All pools and spas should comply with federal safety standards, which means they are VGB-compliant. Ask your pool technician or the owner of the pool if you aren’t sure.

You can learn more about how to keep your family safe at the Pool Safely website: poolsafely.gov. It is filled with tips and facts about pool safety, how to save a life in the case of an accident, and it even gives you materials to download and share with your family. Prevention and education is the best way to keep children safe, so get started on those swimming lessons for the whole family as soon as possible, and review the materials on the Pool Safely website.

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