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Stay Safe Swimming in Arizona

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 3, 2013

Many people believe that drownings only happen to small children, but this is a misconception. Statistics show that Arizona has the second highest drowning accident rate in the United States, and according to the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS), adults are just as likely, if not more likely, to drown in an accident than children are. Statistics show that around 100 people die in Arizona each year in drowning incidents. Around 70 percent of these incidents typically involve people aged 20 and older. Although children between the ages of zero and four are most susceptible to drowning incidents, adults aged 65 and older are close behind, followed by those between the ages of 20 and 24.

Prevention for Arizona Drowning Accidents

Preventing Arizona drowning accidents amongst all people is not as difficult as it may seem. Children should always be supervised when engaged in water activities. Adults can keep themselves safe by practicing these drowning prevention guidelines:

  • Avoid drinking when swimming or engaging in other water activities. Alcohol is an inhibitor and can make you do unsafe things that you would never do sober.
  • Never jump into unknown or dark waters, especially from great heights. Many adult drowning accidents occur due to lack of knowledge about the depth of water or what lies just beneath the surface, like rocks and sandbars.
  • Avoid swimming in the dark or alone, especially when there is no lifeguard. At least one companion should be present in case things go wrong.

What to Do if Someone You Love Suffers an Arizona Drowning Accident

If someone you love is involved in an Arizona drowning accident, you may require the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney. The Husband and Wife Law Team can help in cases where the negligence of another person resulted in a drowning incident. We can help you get compensation that’ll cover the costs of extensive medical treatment, permanent disability, loss of the ability to work, and other damages that resulted from the drowning accident. To discuss your loved one’s drowning incident and get help with your case, contact attorneys Mark and Alexis Breyer today.

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