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Free Tipsy Tow Service During Holiday Weekends in Arizona

By Breyer Law Offices on September 7, 2011

Before a holiday weekend, we are often reminded of the dangers of drinking and driving. As defined by Arizona Department of Transport (ADOT), holiday fatality statistics are based on fatal crashes occurring from 6:00 p.m. on the last working day prior to the holiday through 5:59 a.m. the day following the holiday period.

In 2010, 4th of July had the highest number of fatal car crashes as well as persons killed with 14 fatal crashes and 16 fatalities over the July 4th holidays. Thanksgiving Day ranked second with 12 fatal crashes and 13 fatalities. These statistics were reported by the Arizona Department of Transport from their Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2010.

Although motor vehicle accidents and fatalities during Labor Day are not as high during July 4th and Thanksgiving, the numbers are still quite high. Last year, ADOT revealed that there were 9 fatal car crashes and 11 deaths during Labor Day holidays with 2 alcohol-related crashes and 2 alcohol-related fatalities.

This year, AAA Arizona and a group called the Beverage Alcohol Community Information Council provided a “Tipsy Tow” service over the holiday weekend for those drivers who wanted to drink but do not want to drive. Tipsy Tow service was launched in May 2009 providing a one-way ride up to 10 miles free. Standard charges will only take effect for trips longer than 10 miles.

The Tipsy Tow Service was available from Sunday night starting at 6 pm until 6 a.m. the following day.

For victims of fatal car accidents due to impaired drivers in Arizona, call our free consultation hotline at (602) 457-6222. As drunk driving accident victim lawyers in Phoenix, we are ready to assist you in getting what you deserve.

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