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Keeping Yourself Safe on Black Wednesday

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on November 21, 2012

AZ Black Wednesday Drunk Driving CrashEvery year on the day after Thanksgiving, people rush out to the stores to scoop up the best deals around, and if those deals are good enough there might even be a fight or two. You know it as Black Friday. But did you know that there is another “Black” day surrounding Thanksgiving that can lead to even more serious injuries?

Known as Black Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving is increasingly popular with students who are returning home for the holidays and is touted as the biggest night of the year for bars and clubs. But this night has not only earned the title based on sales and attendance records for bars and clubs across the nation. Police records indicating severe increases in police stops, accidents involving drunk drivers and general car accidents are also among the statistics that have earned the night its nickname.

Black Wednesday Accident Statistics

Black Wednesday is dangerous for the people heading out to celebrate for two key reasons: large amounts of alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning, which may lead to severe brain damage or death, and drunk driving accidents that cause serious injuries and may lead to death. Recent statistics from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) indicate that Thanksgiving is the most deadly holiday of the year throughout the state of Arizona, with nearly 15 deaths recorded as a result of car crashes. A quarter of those accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Nationwide, fatalities in car crashes rise more than 42 percent on Black Wednesday each year, according to the National Safety Council (NSC).

Considerations for a Safe Black Wednesday

If you’re heading out for Black Wednesday, it’s important to consider these safety tips to ensure that you’re able to enjoy a safe Thanksgiving Day with your family.

  • Watch your alcohol intake and ensure that you are drinking plenty of water to avoid alcohol poisoning.
  • Do not take any over the counter or prescription medications while you are drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t drink and drive. If you have had any drinks, hand over your keys to a designated driver or have the bartender call you a cab.

Remember, while you may be eager to go out and party to celebrate the holiday, it’s important to remember that Thanksgiving is about celebrating family and keeping yourself alive and well to do so.

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