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Why Marijuana Party Bus Tours Won’t be Allowed in Vegas

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 28, 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about recreational marijuana in Las Vegas lately. Sure, it’s legal now; but the tourists swarming to Las Vegas to buy all the marijuana they want are finding themselves without a place to smoke it, due to Nevada’s strict restrictions.

This is the situation Michael Stevens, owner of Highway Tours Las Vegas, is facing after he invested all of his money into purchasing a marijuana party bus only to find out that it’s illegal.

And it’s true. In Nevada, it’s illegal to consume marijuana in any way while in a moving vehicle. In fact, in Nevada, it’s only legal to consume marijuana in your own home, much to the chagrin of the tourists flocking to the area.

Why a Marijuana Party Bus Is a Bad Idea

While Stevens might be disappointed with the law, it exists for a reason. Though some research suggests that a non-user will not experience any effects from being around marijuana, many users say differently. While there is little THC (the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana) exhaled in the smoke, if a person is surrounded by smoke for an extended period of time, being affected by the marijuana isn’t out of the question.

Even without taking into consideration the obvious safety concern of a someone operating a vehicle while surrounded by potentially harmful smoke, marijuana use in a vehicle can cause smoke to build up, creating a visibility problem—both because of the haze covering the windshield and because that much smoke can be very hard on the eyes.

If a driver were to get into an accident under these conditions, the driver (or the party bus company) could be held liable for any injuries sustained after an accident. This is because drivers are thought to have control over their own vehicles, both in operation and the behavior of their passengers. And in the eyes of the law, if someone is smoking marijuana in your vehicle, it’s because you allowed them to.

Just because marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada doesn’t mean that it’s now a free-for-all. Drivers can be held legally responsible if they get into an accident while they or passengers smoke marijuana, and they could be held liable for paying compensation to any injured parties.

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