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A HEARTful Bagel Man Snags A Win!

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on May 11, 2020

The nominations for our HWLT HEART campaign have been booming recently. It can be hard at times to pick a winner, as you have all made wonderful suggestions. But decisions must be made. So, for this win, we selected The Bagel Man in Ahwatukee!

The Bagel Man is a wonderful, small bagel shop that sells delicious sandwiches, breakfast scrambles, and, of course, bagels. When we informed the owner and the staff of The Bagel Man they had won, they were ecstatic, and quickly went to work prepping their supplies for the day ahead.

On Wednesday, May 6th, The Bagel Man opened his doors to a sea of hungry and excited customers. The line wrapped around the building. Even the Ahwatukee Chamber stopped by to purchase some incredible bagels, as well as to promote the restaurant and the HEART campaign with a short video. Thanks, Ahwatukee Chamber! The Bagel Man sold out of bagels by noon, and it was the restaurant’s busiest day since opening eight years ago.

We are so happy we could help provide support to such a wonderful restaurant and we hope that everyone will continue to support The Bagel Man by calling in orders. Believe us, the bagels are incredible and certainly worth their cost.

If you want to help support local Arizona restaurants during this unprecedented time, submit a nomination to our HEART campaign. Many of our winners have seen their best day in terms of profit from the campaign. A nomination may be the best way to show your local favorites how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

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