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Aioli Burger Nabs the Fourth HWLT HEART Win

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 23, 2020

We at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. are thrilled at all the amazing nominations we have been receiving with our HWLT HEART campaign! We are on a roll! When we selected our fourth winner, Aioli Burger, we could not be more thrilled to work with another Arizona business that is doing its best to give back to the community.

When the restaurant closures first began, the Director of Sales and one of the founding members, Kyle, gathered his team together and implemented the First Responder campaign. This amazing campaign helps feed those on the front lines, keeping the people of Arizona safe, such as our firefighters and police officers. The people behind Aioli Burger are truly inspiring, and we are proud that we have been able to offer them a helping hand.

However, the team has already been working hard to help themselves. Once the closures began, they knew they had to change the way they operated in order to keep their doors open. With very little turnaround, they implemented new policies such as a speedy meal prep program that enabled them to make delicious food at a lower price.

After winning our HEART campaign, Aioli Burger opened its doors on Tuesday, April 21st, hoping to meet the $4,000 goal. Well, the orders never seemed to stop coming in, and the restaurant met the goal by just 4 pm and then quickly went on to exceed it. According to the incredible team, that Tuesday was their best day ever in sales, surpassing even their grand opening.

We hope you will keep supporting Aioli Burger, especially since they are dedicating so much of their time and resources to helping our much appreciated first responders.

If you want your favorite Arizonan restaurant to receive some much needed and much deserved help, nominate them for the HWLT HEART campaign. We are continuing to select winners, and your restaurant may be next! Thank you to everyone who has already submitted nominations and thank you to Aioli Burger. Now is the time for all of us to support each other, and the team behind Aioli Burger is truly exemplifying that.

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