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Carnitas Way Finds Its Way into Our HEARTs

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 21, 2020

As per our mission to help the restaurants of Arizona through these difficult times through the HEART Campaign, we at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., have picked our latest winner! With mouth-watering carnitas, crunchy salads, and delectable burritos, the people of Arizona made an excellent call when they nominated Carnitas Way in Phoenix.

A lot of heart and love goes into the food at Carnitas Way. In fact, the carnitas, for which the restaurant was named, are marinated for 6 hours, and then slow-roasted for another 6. One carnitas takes half a day to make, and patrons of this incredible restaurant can certainly tell. Given how delicious the food is, it is no wonder that Carnitas Way received such a flood of nominations.

The staff was thrilled when we informed them that they had been picked as our next Husband and Wife Law Team HEART Campaign winner. They spent the night getting ready for the big day, making sure they had enough employees on hand, enough food orders set to be cooked, and enough to-go boxes to feed an entire city’s worth of customers! When they finally opened on September 12, the calls for takeout immediately began, and didn’t end until it was time to close that night. It didn’t take long for Carnitas Way to earn the goal of $4,000, and there were still more patrons to feed after that!

We at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., really loved our time with Carnitas Way, and are thrilled that we were able to work with them. Of course, we are always looking for our next winner. If you want to help us support the incredible restaurants of Arizona, go to our HEART page and fill out a nomination form. We always appreciate the extra help.

Thank you to Carnitas Way for an incredible day, and thank you to everyone who has already filled out a nomination!

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