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Char Pizzeria Napoletana Melts Our HEART

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 22, 2020

Pizza is an incredibly versatile food. It can be an inexpensive meal when you don’t want to cook, or it can be high-end gourmet. It can be covered by a mountain of toppings, from vegetables to fruit to meat, or as simple as you please. There are few pizzerias, however, that possess as much passion as our Husband and Wife Law Team HEART Campaign winner, Char Pizzeria Napoletana in Peoria.

What is so unique about Char is that the staff are all certified by the association, Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN), which governs restaurants that specialize in Neapolitan-style traditional pizza. The association makes sure that the dough is of the correct quality and the toppings, vegetables, and cheeses are sourced from specific regions in Italy.

On top of all that, the pizza at Char is prepared directly in front of you. The freshness of the ingredients is obvious from the way they look, smell, and, of course, taste. Patrons are left with watering mouths before the pizza is even placed in the oven. From the salads to the desserts to the bruschetta, deciding what to get seems near impossible when it all looks so good.

Patrons had to decide fast when doors opened on June 24. Customers were quick to rush into the pizzeria, knowing that they only had from 4:00 pm to closing time, about 4 ½ hours, to get their delicious pizza. Between the online and phone orders, Char Pizzeria Napoletana had pizzas lined up for hours. By the time the restaurant closed that night, they had exceeded the campaign goals!

Thank you to everyone who made our partnership with Char Pizzeria Napoletano a success. The HEART Campaign only works with support from the Arizonan people. If you would like to continue to support local restaurants, go to our HEART page and submit a nomination. We are always excited to select a new winner.

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