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Grubstak: Winning HEARTs Throughout Arizona!

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 3, 2020

Our mission with The Husband and Wife Law Team HEART Campaign seems to never end. Every day a new batch of nominations rolls in, and the team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. has the near-impossible task of deciding which restaurant should be our next winner. This week was no different, but after a great deal of debate, we finally picked the incredible Grubstak in Chandler!

In difficult times like these, there is nothing better than good old-fashion comfort food, and that is exactly what the staff at Grubstak offer to all of their hungry patrons. From perfectly season waffle fries to expertly breaded and fried fish, Grubstak has all of your favorite unhealthy foods. But don’t let that trick you into thinking this is a fast-food establishment. The owner of Grubstak wanted to create an establishment that merged comfort food and fine dining. The chefs use the best ingredients possible for combinations you never thought possible.

As Grubstak is a well-known Chandler establishment at this point, it was obvious to us that it needed to be our next winner. What would Chandler be without Grubstak to visit? The staff were thrilled when we let them know we had selected their restaurant as the next winner and worked diligently to get the building and menu ready for their big day.

So, when they opened on August 26, it was to a crowd of excited customers and patrons, all hoping to get a taste of the delicious Grubstak menu. The orders didn’t stop coming in from opening to close, and the restaurant had one of its busiest days in recent history. We had an incredible time working with the staff at Grubstak and hope that everyone will continue to support this outstanding restaurant.

Do you want to see your favorite Arizonan restaurant picked as the next HWLT HEART Campaign winner? Head over to the HEART page and fill out a nomination form! Breyer Law Offices, P.C. is always looking for the next local business to support. As frightening as these times are, we can all get through it if we come together as a community.

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