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Mark Breyer Receives America’s Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement Award

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on November 2, 2020

Mark Breyer, one of the founding members of Breyer Law Offices, P.C., and a member of The Husband and Wife Law Team, has been given the coveted America’s Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement Award. This is a prestigious title in the legal community, and thousands of attorneys across the United States work hard to make it on to the list, though very few succeed. We are incredibly proud of Mark Breyer for his incredible achievement!

In order to be selected for the America’s Top 100 Attorneys list, you must be identified by a third-party related to the list, or by a highly regarded lawyer in your area and community. After identification, you must then be screened using third-party research and analysis, as well as specially designed algorithms. These algorithms analyze your lifetime legal achievements, important case results, your reputation among your peers, overall client satisfaction, professional experience, and many other factors important to understanding an attorney’s career.

Once all of this analysis is complete, it is then decided whether you are fit to be named a member of America’s Top 100 Attorneys. Only 100 attorneys are selected per state, meaning that, in Arizona, Mark truly ranks as among the top 100. In fact, only .5% of active attorneys in the United States are given this honor. Of course, that is just getting on the list itself, which Mark Breyer has achieved in the past. The Lifetime Achievement designation is only for the most exceptional of America’s Top 100 Attorneys. Those who are granted such an honor must be held in high regards by their peers, show remarkable professionalism and expertise, as well as exemplify truly impactful talent.

Given Mark Breyer’s incredible track record, it doesn’t surprise us in the least that he has been selected for such a prestigious award. Mark works diligently to help those in need all across Arizona, and started Breyer Law Offices, P.C., with his wife, Alexis, with the express purpose of giving a voice to victims of auto accidents, catastrophic injuries, dog attacks, and other such traumatic experiences. So many people are inured through accidents that weren’t their fault, and Mark Breyer wanted to be there to make sure they receive the compensation they not only need, but also deserve. We at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., are so proud of Mark for all of his hard work, and his well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. If you believe that you could use Mark’s help on a case, don’t hesitate to call the firm at (602) 457-6222.

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