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Ramen Hood: Giving to the Scottsdale Community

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 16, 2020

Since the start of The Husband and Wife Law Team HEART Campaign way back in April, we have seen a flood of nominations. It seems the people of Arizona love to eat and love to help support their favorite restaurants. It has been thrilling to help so many people and provide support for this incredible community. When we started to get nominations for Ramen Hood, we knew exactly who our next winner had to be!

Ramen Hood was founded by James Xie, who wanted to combine his love for his culture and his love for food. The end result was a ramen shop that brought Japanese culture to the people of North Scottsdale. Most of us have had instant ramen, especially if you have ever lived the life of a college student during finals week. In Japan, however, most people get freshly made ramen from small shops that dot the roadside. We have to say, the instant stuff has nothing on real, authentic ramen from a shop.

James opened up his beloved Ramen Hood on June 18 to a crowd of eagerly waiting patrons. Some were there for the chef specials, others were eagerly waiting to build their own bowls, and even more wanted the biggest bowl available with all the fixings on top. The staff were happy to greet so many faces, old and new, and serve up delicious food. The ramen shop stayed busy for the entire day and managed to pull in a tidy profit that will help keep them afloat in the coming weeks.

Our team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. loved getting a chance to work with James and his staff. The ramen was excellent, the service was friendly, and the community was overjoyed to lend a helping hand to such an important part of North Scottsdale. If you would like to help restaurants like Ramen Hood, head over to our HEART Campaign page and submit a nomination. Thank you to everyone who helped us give James and his staff such a busy day! We hope you will all join us again when we pick our next winner.

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