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The Husband and Wife Law Team Recognized for Their Good Work!

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 14, 2020

After weeks of campaigning, working with local restaurants, and championing the idea of working together to overcome the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Husband and Wife Law Team have been recognized by several magazines for their incredible work. This worldwide crisis shows a person’s true colors, and both Alexis and Mark Breyer have been able to show their community exactly the kind of caring and charitable people they are.

Phoenix Home and Garden added Alexis and Mark to their coveted “Faces of 2020” list, which focuses on Phoenix locals who are working to improve their community. The Husband and Wife Law Team were dubbed the “Faces of Personal Injury Law” for all of their work providing excellent legal representation to those injured through acts of negligence. The couple both work long hours and late nights to help those who cannot support themselves and often go toe-to-toe with insurance companies who may otherwise refuse to pay people what they are owed.

In a two-page spread, the North Valley Magazine explored the HWLT HEART (Helping Excellent Arizona Restaurants Together) Campaign that Alexis and Mark have been working on so tirelessly over the past several weeks. The founders of Breyer Law Offices, P.C. knew that their community was struggling in the wake of the pandemic and were determined to do something about it. With their campaign, they have been able to raise money for over a dozen Arizonan restaurants and boost overall sales.

David Najor, owner of Detroit Coney Grill, which is one of the many restaurants Mark and Alexis have helped, said in the magazine, “It’s a win-win situation. It’s unprecedented. They’re pumping money back into the economy. They really deserve a big shout-out.”

Clearly, the community is proud to have such a dedicated pair of lawyers helping out!

The article goes on to dissect the couple’s past and figure out exactly why they were so drawn to helping others. Both attorneys attribute it to their upbringing. “Mark comes from a family of teachers,” Alexis said. “My family members are entrepreneurs. It’s embedded in the soul of who we are.”

The Husband and Wife Law Team consider helping others to be a foundation of who they are as individuals, a couple, and as attorneys.

PHOENIX Magazine did a feature profile on the personal injury attorney couple, giving a brief history of how the two lawyers ended up in their current positions, as well as the many accolades they both have attached to their names. Of course, the true point of the piece was to spread awareness about the incredible HWLT HEART Campaign that Alexis and Mark have been working so hard on. “[Alexis and Mark Breyer] may be best known in Arizona for their community focused service including their restaurant-supporting HEART Campaign during the COVID-19 shutdown and their decade-long Teacher Appreciation awards.”

The HWLT HEART Campaign is still running, despite the shutdown being lifted several weeks ago. The community still needs a helping hand, and so long as there is someone who could use a little kindness, Alexis and Mark Breyer will be there to offer support. If you would like to help your favorite local restaurant, head over to the HEART page and submit a nomination. The Husband and Wife Law Team are always looking for the next restaurant to visit!

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