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Three Generations In and Salerno’s Is Still Winning Our HEART

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 2, 2020

The start of The Husband and Wife Law Team’s HEART Campaign seems like a distant memory as we announce our fourteenth winner. How could it be possible that we started this campaign just a couple of months ago? All the support we have gotten from the communities of Arizona has truly made time soar by, and we could not be more grateful to all of you for submitting nominations and to our incredible winners. Speaking of which, we are incredibly excited to introduce you to the newest member of the HEART Campaign winner’s circle: Salerno’s in Gilbert!

The Salerno family has been faithfully serving the East Valley for over 16 years now, with an incredible three generations dedicated to providing the same high-quality food as their original location all the way over in Chicago. Salerno’s is locally famous for its handmade ravioli and mouth-watering pizza. When we began to receive nominations for this incredible restaurant, we knew right away who our next winner should be.

When the Salerno family and their staff opened up their restaurant on Wednesday, June 10, it was as if they had opened the floodgates. The orders did not stop coming in for even a second. Unsurprisingly, Salerno’s had their busiest day on record in their entire history in Gilbert. They reached the goal quickly and actually had to close early as they had sold out of all their products.

Of course, with such a dedicated family, you cannot expect them to stay down for long. The next day they were up by dawn, making the incredible, homemade sauce they are so well known for. Ross Salerno told us, “[The HEART Campaign] is an awesome way to help the community.”

We were thrilled to be able to offer support to such an important piece of the Arizona restaurant world, and the Salerno’s team was ecstatic to be able to serve so many hungry customers. Of course, the team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. is always searching for our next winner. If you have an Arizona restaurant you want to support, go to our HEART page and fill out a nomination. To those of you who have already been nominating your beloved eateries, thank you! This campaign only works if everyone is on board and advocating for local eateries. We hope you will all continue to support Salerno’s. Trust us, their pizza is worth it!

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