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We Welcome Kimmy’z Into the HWLT HEART Winner’s Circle!

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 29, 2020

The number of HWLT HEART recipients has just been growing and growing these past few weeks! Added to our current winners is Kimmy’z, located at Tatum Point. Although the wonderful restaurant has a second location in Greenway, and while it was difficult to choose which would be given the win, we choose the Tatum Point restaurant as it is celebrating its five-year anniversary!

When Kimmy’z opened up on Thursday, April 23rd, the staff was met with a phone that would simply not stop ringing. The restaurant’s loyal regulars were excitedly calling in their orders, hoping to help Kimmy’z reach the $4,000 goal. The calls continued to come in for the entire day, and by the time Kim and her staff had to close up shop, they had reached the goal and then some!

When the country begins to open up once more, we recommend that everyone stop by Kimmy’z. Kim is a wonderful and hardworking owner who has created an atmosphere of fun in her restaurants, not to mention the amazing food! Between the bar games and live music, you are sure to have a blast. Our personal favorite night to go is Taco Tuesday. The kitchen makes some of the best Mexican food in Tatum Point and Greenway!

For the time being, we hope you will all continue to call your orders in to Kimmy’z. Kim deserves the help, and you deserve the delicious meal. If you’re worried about your community, one of the best things you can do is offer support to local restaurants.

If you aren’t in a position to constantly order out, well then there’s another way you can help out. We are still taking nominations for our HWLT HEART campaign and want to hear from the people of Arizona which local favorites they want to offer a helping hand to. If you have a restaurant you want to nominate, visit our HEART page and submit a nomination.

In times of darkness, all we can do is come together and offer love and support to those around us. Help us show local restaurant workers how much we care about them. Submit your nomination today!

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