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Legal Rights for Victims of Hit-and-Run Accidents in Arizona

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on June 29, 2009

It sounds like a bad nightmare: You’re crossing the street on your way to the store, a friend’s house, or the bank. All of a sudden you’re plowed down by a car that subsequently takes off. You’ve just been the victim of a hit-and-run. But what are your legal rights and can you file a claim?

Hit and run accidents that cause serious injuries raise a lot of questions. Oftentimes victims don’t even know if they have any legal rights. What’s worse is that instead of contacting an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Phoenix to determine if a claim can be made; many victims allow those rights to be lost.

But the reality is that there are many ways for a full or significant financial recovery. Uninsured motorist coverage is one key source for the payment of medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. Many people with this coverage don’t even realize they can use it following a pedestrian accident.

If you’ve been a victim of a hit-and-run accident and you’re looking for more information, check out the website of the Christensen Law firm. A Utah personal injury lawyer, Mr. Christensen’s discussion of uninsured motorist coverage is worth a quick read for those in Utah, Arizona, and beyond.

Also, be sure to contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Arizona who can answer questions about whether to make a claim, when to make a claim, and what kind of claim should be made.

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