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Man Caught After Phoenix Hit and Run

By Breyer Law Offices on January 5, 2012

As Phoenix hit and run car accident attorneys, we were happy to hear that a man was caught after hitting a pedestrian and then fleeing the scene on the morning of December 26, according to Fox 10. The 19-year-old driver drove the wrong way on 7th Street and Missouri, then hit a pedestrian walking a dog. The driver left the victim with multiple bone fractures to his head, face, and legs. Police caught him a few blocks later at a gas station, where they also found marijuana in his pocket. They determined the driver was under the influence of both narcotics and anti-depressants. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim, and we wish him a full recovery.

Causes of This Phoenix Pedestrian Accident

According to police, the driver who caused this Phoenix pedestrian accident was driving under the influence of drugs. He drove the wrong way down a street, drove his car up onto a sidewalk, and hit a pedestrian. He then drove away, leaving the pedestrian on the ground with multiple serious injuries. When police tried to apprehend him a mile away, he tried to flee again on foot. The man now faces six felony charges.

Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Phoenix pedestrian accidents accounted for 26.3 percent of the city’s traffic fatalities in 2009. Thirty-six people were killed in the 525 accidents that occurred.

Contact a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer can advocate for the victim injured in this pedestrian accident, helping him get the best possible medical care as well as covering his medical expenses. The Husband and Wife Law Team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. obtains settlements from at-fault drivers that cover medical expenses, lost wages, and more. We also file for punitive damages when drivers break the law, such as driving under the influence of drugs and fleeing the scene of an accident. Contact our team today for a free consultation.

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