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Halloween Costume Safety Tips Every Parent Can Rely On

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 31, 2012

When you think about keeping your children safe on Halloween, you think about checking out their candy to ensure that it’s safe (and maybe snagging a piece or two “just to be sure”), teaching them to stick with their buddies, and outfitting them with reflective necklaces and flashlights to make sure they can see in the dark and that drivers can see them too. The one thing most parents never question is the safety of their child’s Halloween costume. But according to recent reports from the United States Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP) this should be one of your top priorities this, and every, year. Here are some often-overlooked safety features that parents should consider for their child’s costume:

  • Costume fabric. All Halloween costumes, and all children’s clothing items for that matter, are required to be flame resistant. Look for costumes made from polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibers, which meet the standard requirements for flame resistance. You can also look for “Flame Resistant” labels on the costume packaging.
  • Accessories. Taking the time to ensure the flame resistance of your child’s costume is an excellent start and should be followed up by a thorough examination of accessories. This includes tights, wings, wigs, hats, jewelry, and even makeup and colored hairspray. Read all of the information about the products you intend to use before you make a purchase.
  • Lighting. Some costumes come equipped with lighting and some parents choose to equip their children with reflective buttons, necklaces, and other light-up toys for safety. Always check the safety features of these items and never buy a product that doesn’t have these features listed. Toys, just like all other Halloween items, must be flame resistant!

What to Do if Your Child is Injured by Their Halloween Costume

If your child suffers injuries on Halloween that are directly related to their Halloween costume, you should take your child and the costume directly to the emergency room. Avoid home-treating serious burns and if the object or fabric is stuck to your child’s skin, do not remove it—let a qualified medical technician do this instead to protect your child from further injury.

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