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Here’s How to Chart Out Safe Travels This Coming Holiday Season

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 8, 2021

After being locked down for a good portion of the past year, many Americans are planning to travel this holiday season. Travel is rebounding from its lowest point during the global pandemic, despite the variants and the new restrictions in place. The following are some tips for safe travel, by car, by air, or by train.

Safe Travel by Car

Many people are waiting to see about travel restrictions before they book flights for holiday trips. The demand for rental cars has increased significantly in 2021. These steps can help keep you safe while traveling by car:

  • Make sure your vehicle is road ready: Check the oil, coolant, tire pressure, belts, caps, hoses, filters, spare tire, lights, signals, wiper blades, and wiper fluid.
  • Prepare yourself for driving: Get a good night’s sleep, wear comfortable clothes, and make sure your vehicle is stocked with essentials you may need on the road. These items include water, snacks, blankets, pillows, jumper cables, flares, tool kit, first aid kit, and waterproof matches.
  • Make reservations: If you are planning to stop overnight, be sure to plan in advance. Make reservations to ensure you will have a room at an affordable price.
  • Stay alert and safe: Scan the road for hazards, watch out for tailgaters, and make sure you have plenty of gas. Take stretch breaks at well-lit rest stops and share driving, if possible, to avoid fatigue.

Safe Travel by Air

Although airline travel is safer than ever today, being prepared for an emergency can help make your trip more comfortable.

  • Dress comfortably: Wear clothes that allow you to move quickly if you need to. This means slacks or jeans and low-heeled loafers or tennis shoes. Breathable cotton or wool blends are the best fabrics to wear on a plane.
  • Carry a run kit: This kit should hold only essential items that would be very difficult to replace if lost in an emergency. A run kit should be small – such as a fanny pack, a travel wallet in your jacket, or a cross-body wallet bag. Leave everything else behind in the event of an evacuation.
  • Listen to the safety instructions: Seat layouts and exit locations will be different on each plane. Note the locations, read the card in the seat pocket, and keep your seat belt buckled.

Safe Travel by Train

Traveling by train is convenient and economical. These steps can help keep you safe on your journey:

  • Pack light, so your luggage is easy to carry.
  • Plan your trip with safety in mind. Avoid changing trains late at night, particularly with a long layover.
  • Secure your luggage with locks, straps, or cords.
  • Wear a money belt or pouch to hold your cash, credit cards, passport, and tickets.
  • If you must spend time in a train station, sit in a well-lit location near other travelers.
  • Stay back from the edge of the platform while waiting for your train.
  • Keep your luggage with you and remain alert.

How Many Travelers Come to the Phoenix Area?

More than 19 million people visited Phoenix in 2019, with direct spending by these visitors exceeding $3.8 billion, as reported on Visit Phoenix. Including indirect and induced spending, the total economic impact of visitors to the area was more than $6.6 billion. Visitor economy sustains 8.7% of jobs in the Phoenix area. Vacationers may be unfamiliar and uncertain about local roads, and this may affect their driving patterns. Although an influx of travelers to the Phoenix area is great for the economy, it can increase the risk of a traffic crash.

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