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Safe April Fools’ Day Jokes that Won’t Cause Arizona Personal Injury Accidents

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 26, 2015

Phoenix Personal InjuryIf you’re planning some incredible April Fools’ Day jokes, then you already know that you could hurt someone’s feelings, their pride, or even their friendship with you. But you also know that eventually they will get over it, as long as you don’t hurt them too bad, anyway.

Unfortunately, there are reports every year of jokes and pranks on April Fools’ Day causing actual injuries. These incidents are very serious for both the injured person and the prankster, especially as willful negligent actions, like a prank, can cause you significant legal detriment. So if you want to play an April Fools’ Day prank, here are a few pranks that you can play that have little ability to cause physical injury to the victim, but will still get you, and everyone else around, a few good laughs.

  • Dripping drinks. If you want to really confuse your April Fools’ Day victim, poke small holes with a pin in a plastic cup and offer the victim a drink of water. Water won’t stain their clothes, but it will leave them wondering why they are wet. Remember not to play this prank in rooms with tiled floors, where dripping water can create a slip and fall hazard.
  • Torn pants. One of the classic pranks is to make someone think that they have torn their pants when they bend over. Just give a coworker a reason to bend over, like a dropped dollar bill, pen, or other object. When they bend over, tear a piece of cloth to make it sound like they ripped their pants.
  • Foil your coworker’s plans for the day. Buy several rolls of aluminum foil and wrap a coworker’s office up in it. Bring enough to wrap everything: their chair, desk, keyboard, monitors, computer tower, and anything else they have in their office.
  • Turn your coworker into a secretary without their knowledge. Gather several coworkers together and have them call the “victim” and pretend to be calling for someone by a strange name. At the end of the day, call and pretend to be that individual, and request to have your messages read back to you.

April Fools’ Day pranks have a tendency to get out of hand sometimes, but they don’t have to cause anyone physical harm. Play it safe and choose a prank that’s more likely to cause embarrassment and avoid physical hilarity all together. This message has been brought to you by The Husband and Wife Law Team.

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