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San Luis Personal Injury Accidents and April Fools’ Pranks Gone Awry

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 31, 2015

Phoenix Personal InjuryIt’s April Fools’ Day and you know what that means: you or someone you know is about to pull a prank or be pranked. And when harmless pranks happen at home or at work, there’s a ton of fun to be had. Or is there? The problem with some pranks on April Fools’ Day is that they can go too far, or you may not consider in advance the types of accidents and injuries that could come from your prank. Most people only think of pranks on this day in terms of how funny it will be, how much everyone will laugh, or how embarrassed their friends will be by whatever is about to happen to them. And while most people won’t get hurt by pranks that happen on April Fools’ Day (at least physically), there are some things you should think about that will help you keep your pranks safe.

  • Don’t place pranks at the top of stairs. Never ever plan a surprise prank at the top of a staircase. A person walking on the stairs could fall as a result of being shocked or startled.
  • Avoid using water in your pranks, especially if spills will make the ground slippery. Slippery floors and pranks don’t mix because they will likely team up to cause a serious slip and fall accident.
  • Never play pranks on someone who is carrying heavy objects or who is holding something sharp, like scissors or a knife. This can lead to serious injuries that will require a trip to the hospital.
  • Never play a prank on the driver of a vehicle. While your intentions may be to have good fun, the driver of any motor vehicle needs to be able to focus on the road, and a distraction like a prank in their car could cause them to be involved in a collision.
  • Avoid all types of pranks that could logically cause another person harm. Never play a prank when you think, “It will only hurt them a little.”

This April Fools’ Day, please think twice and play nice.

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