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Tucson Drunk Driving Accidents and Your St. Patrick’s Day

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 17, 2014

Every year, you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the best of them, and this year, it’s time you started celebrating with enough safety in mind to avoid a Tucson drunk driving accident. If you’re smart, you did the majority of your celebrating over the weekend, and you’re back in the saddle, ready to take on your week without the slightest hint of drunkenness or the desire to go out and spend your day in a pub. However, whether you’ll be drinking today or not, it’s important to think about safety and about what’s going on around you. By paying attention, you can eliminate at least some of your risk of being injured on this festive and fun holiday.

  • Walk to the pub if you’re going to drink. There’s plenty of mass transit and alternative transportation options around Tucson. If you’re going to drink, use those options so you don’t have to worry about being a designated driver, or much worse, a drunk driver.
  • Limit your drinking. Since this drinking holiday falls on a weekday, you should remember to limit yourself. Not only will that make you safer on the streets, but it will also keep you from regretting the next workday.
  • Make your party plans in advance and stick to them. This should include what time you will arrive at the party and what time you will leave. Staying at a party an extra 20 minutes typically leads to at least one more drink, and after that, the likelihood of you sticking around to drink some more grows exponentially with every passing minute.
  • Watch other drivers on the road. If you’re not partying today, you may not be thinking about the other people out there who are. But that can be just as dangerous as partying and driving drunk. You should keep an eye out for danger whenever you are out on the road.
  • Party at home. Or just stay there. If you aren’t partying, you should consider staying at home for the evening, just to stay safe. But if you are partying, consider partying at home with a few close friends. You needn’t go to a pub and drink all night to have fun, and then you and your friends will already be someplace safe where you can sleep off the drunken stupor.

Remember, St. Paddy’s holiday is a time for revelry, not for accidents. Play it safe and party for the fun of it!

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