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How to Avoid Motorcycle Passenger Injuries

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 11, 2012

As experienced Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys, we know that riders involved in collisions never intend for their passengers to suffer injuries or death. That’s why it’s important for all motorcycle riders to know the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) information on how the addition of a passenger can and will affect their riding capabilities and level of safety.

  • The added weight of a passenger will affect the movement, turning capacity, and maneuver range of a motorcycle.
  • Starting, stopping, passing, and changing lanes may be more difficult.
  • The added weight of a passenger may affect the rear brakes, making their reaction stronger, especially when you are braking hard or fast.
  • Stopping hard or fast will force the passenger to move forward and collide with the rider.
  • The added weight of a passenger will increase your stopping distance on downgrades.

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Statistics and Passenger Laws

As a motorcycle rider, you can help avoid a serious accident that causes injuries to your passengers by following the state laws. In Arizona, if a passenger will be riding with you on your motorcycle, your motorcycle is required to provide a passenger seat as well as foot rests for the passenger as an added safety precaution. Although Arizona motorcycle law does not require a helmet for either riders or passengers over the age of 18, studies indicate that the number of serious head injuries is greatly reduced in the presence of a helmet. In 2010, Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT) reported 86 deaths and 2,390 injuries to both riders and passengers as a result of motorcycle crashes.

When to Call an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Being involved in an Arizona motorcycle accident can have serious ramifications, not only for the rider but for the passenger as well. Motorcyclists and their passengers are less protected in a crash than drivers inside of a vehicle and may sustain serious bodily injuries and head wounds caused by collisions with a vehicle, the ground, and other fixed and non-fixed objects. The Husband and Wife Law Team assist riders and passengers injured in car accidents by filing a personal injury case and pursuing the claim to achieve a fair settlement. We do everything we can in a personal injury lawsuit to help those hurt receive compensation for expenses, injuries, and debts related to their collision. We offer free case evaluations to help injury victims make the best decisions for their case. Call us for help today and we will provide you with answers to all of your questions regarding your motorcycle injury claim.

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