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How Motorcycle Collision Attorneys in Arizona Can Help

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 1, 2009

Police often do not take injuries suffered by motorcyclists seriously enough when they respond to motorcycle accidents in which a larger motor vehicle caused the accident.

There is a definite prejudice that seems to exist against people who ride motorcycles. Often, the motorcyclist is initially blamed for the accident, even if the biker did nothing wrong. More often than not it is the four wheeled motor vehicles who are at fault in accidents involving motorcycles.

A key first step in any motorcycle accident case is to find how to overcome this prejudice against motorcyclists. Very often it will be only the most experienced injury trial lawyers who understand this bias many juries have against motorcycles. A knowledgeable Arizona motorcycle accident attorney will make sure this bias does not affect the case, or at least minimize the damage this prejudice often does in such cases so that a motorcycle rider has the best chance to receive fair and full compensation for their injuries.

Should you or someone that you know need the services of an experienced Maricopa County injury attorney after a serious motorcycle collision, please do not wait too long before you contact us. We will be happy to discuss an injured motorcyclist’s options and give the best advice as to what can be done to get compensation after a motorcycle crash that was due to the negligence of another.

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