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Safety Considerations for Motorcycle Passengers

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on June 6, 2011

As the warmer months are approaching, more and more people will want to ride on motorcycles. Did you know that each year more than 50,000 motorcyclists are injured and about 2,000 of these are killed in road accidents? However, motorcycling may not be for everyone, especially if a passenger is involved.

First off, always remember that there are state laws and requirements, which must be followed for carrying a passenger. If carrying a child, make sure the check the law because there may be a set minimum age for riding motorcycles.

When carrying a passenger, an Arizona motorcycle operator must always remember that there is an added weight to the vehicle. The handling of the motorcycle such as breaking and turning may need to be adjusted due to the added weight. Also, be aware that when stopping, a passenger may move forward and bump with the operator’s helmet.

As for the motorcycle, it must be one which is designed to carry a passenger. Its suspension and tire pressure may need to be adjusted as well. Don’t forget to check the manual and see the weight limitations specified in it.

Passengers must also be tall enough so they may reach the footrests, and must be mature enough to handle the responsibilities of being a motorcycle passenger. Passengers must also wear protective gear and be active in motorcycle safety.

As usual, when driving a motorcycle, always take special precaution and avoid risky behavior. Allow time for the passengers to adjust to the speed, and ensure that the passengers follow safety precautions as well.

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