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Skills Every Buckeye Biker Needs to Know

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 22, 2012

Seasoned motorcycle riders know that there’s more to riding a motorcycle than pumping the handles and popping a wheelie like the movies lead many new riders to believe. Riding a motorcycle takes skill and finesse and in order to avoid a Buckeye motorcycle crash when you’re out for your daily commute or personal ride, there are some skills you’ll need to master.

  • Braking — You must quickly learn the sensitivity level of your braking system or risk being thrown from your bike or rear-ending another vehicle.
  • Cornering — Cornering is a skill that most motorcycle riders hone over the course of their lives, but it’s important to learn to judge corners from the get go to learn proper entry speed and how and whether to tighten as you go.
  • Swerving — Swerving may sound self-explanatory but it takes finesse to weave around a car and you must learn this skill to avoid laying down your bike.

Buckeye Motorcycle Crash Facts and Figures

More than 400 car accidents happen in Buckeye every year according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), a number that includes Buckeye motorcycle crashes that injure and kill riders. While only five deaths occur in a typical year in the city as a result of car accidents, nearly 200 injuries are sustained. Statewide, more than 2,400 bikers are injured in just over 2,700 collisions — one of the highest injury rates in the state, according to statistics. Nearly 100 motorcycle riders are also killed annually after being involved in a motorcycle collision and data indicates that many fatal injuries are sustained to the head, neck, back, and spine.

What a Buckeye Motorcycle Crash Attorney Could Do to Help

No matter how small, every Buckeye motorcycle crash may have serious results including injuries that could cause permanent damage or paralysis and injured riders should immediately reach out to a skilled Buckeye motorcycle injury attorney. Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer fight for the rights of injured bikers and seek compensation from negligent drivers for injuries and medical care costs, income lost over short and long periods of recovery, and the long term damaging effects that result from many serious collisions. If you crashed your bike and need an attorney to help make things right, reach out to the Husband and Wife Law Team at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C.

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