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How Arizona Elder Neglect Cases Happen

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on November 29, 2012

If you have an elderly loved one then you know that accidents happen, but there are times when those accidents are actually signs of Arizona elder neglect and even abuse. Often, neglect cases don’t happen on purpose, or at least did not start out that way. And if your loved one is living in a residential facility, the actions of the staff may be caused by being overworked, underpaid, undertrained, and frustrated. Many elder neglect cases lead to serious injuries, however, and it’s important for you to understand how they happen so you can help your loved one to avoid becoming a victim. The following are potential signs of elder neglect:

  • Elderly persons are not properly tended to with meals and showers
  • The victim is left alone with little security and is allowed to wander
  • The victim’s meds are not properly administered or watched if they administer their own

How to Prevent Arizona Elder Neglect Cases

Whether your elderly loved one lives at home with a caretaker or in a residential facility, there are ways that you can help prevent Arizona elder neglect cases and keep your loved one safe from harm. Here are several to consider:

  • Conduct frequent, random visits during the times when your loved one is scheduled to eat, shower, and take their medications and ensure that proper care is being provided.
  • Provide a special security system to eliminate wandering or choose a residence that provides this system to residents.
  • Talk with your loved one on a regular basis and take their comments about their home and caregivers seriously, and look into any serious allegations or injuries they have sustained.

What an Arizona Elder Neglect Attorney Could Do to Help

If you see bumps or bruises on your loved one, or they tell you that something is up at home, you should immediately contact a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer to look into the possibility of Arizona elder neglect. The Husband and Wife Law Team would investigate the case, gather evidence and eyewitness testimony, and help build a civil case for your family.

We would negotiate with the residential facility or caretaker to secure fair compensation that would allow you to find your loved one safer accommodations, pay the bills for their medical services, and cover your family’s grief and anguish. For immediate assistance with your case, contact a Phoenix elder neglect attorney at the Husband and Wife Law Team now.

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