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How the Law Defines Arizona Elder Abuse and Neglect

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 4, 2014

If your loved one has become the victim of Arizona elder abuse or neglect, you may not realize right away what has happened or what you can do about it. However, know that Arizona law is on the side of the victims of abuse. According to ARS 13-3623, 46-451, a vulnerable adult is defined as any adult over the age of 18 who cannot protect themselves from an abuser. These same laws define abuse as purposeful actions or neglectful actions, such as confinement, that lead to injuries. Injuries might include bruises anywhere on the body, sores on the body caused by pressure from being grabbed or confined, bleeding, broken bones or fractures, or any other type of injury that causes your loved one physical pain or disrupts their well being.

When to Report Arizona Elder Abuse and Neglect

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand the difference between Arizona elder abuse/neglect and unfortunate situations that lead to accidental injuries. That’s why it is important for you to understand situations that are not okay. These include:

  • Any person hitting or kicking, pushing or shoving, tripping, scratching, cutting, pinching, grabbing, or otherwise injuring an elderly individual
  • Any person confining or restraining an elderly individual unnecessarily or by using extreme physical force, or administering medications or chemical methods without consent
  • Any person who allows another person to injure an elderly person may also be considered a neglector or abuser

When to Call an Arizona Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorney

If you or your loved one were the victim of Arizona elder abuse or neglect, right now is the time to contact an attorney. The Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyers at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. can help you or your loved one get to safety and stop the abuse. We will do whatever it takes to get the abuser away from you and to ensure that you receive fair compensation for emotional and physical injuries, medical bills, the cost of finding a safe place to live, and more. For assistance with your abuse case now, contact attorneys Mark and Alexis Breyer.

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