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How You Can Provide the Best Flagstaff Eldercare for Your Loved One

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 7, 2014

If you have an elderly loved one then you need to think about the ways in which you can provide them with the best Flagstaff eldercare possible. Whether you’re caring for your loved one or you are working to find them care from a professional provider, there are many things that you should think about. Here are some of the most important points you can touch on when you are seeking care for your elderly loved one, or considering providing it yourself.

  • Think about how much care your loved one actually needs. You may think that you are saving money or will be closer to your loved one by keeping them at their home or in your own home. But depending on the level of care that your loved one requires, this may be detrimental to their freedom, their health, and their emotional status, not to mention your own.
  • Remove some of the mirrors around your home or your loved one’s home. As your loved one grows older, there may be times when they may not recognize themselves, or when the sudden movement of their own reflection may cause them to be startled, which in turn, may cause accidents, and injuries.
  • Consider safety measures for the household. This includes ramps or electric-powered seats at the staircase, bars and non-slip surfaces in the shower, and other safety implements.
  • Spend time with your loved one on a regular basis. Whether your loved one is living with you, or at home with a caregiver, you should spend more time with them. This will help keep your loved one in touch with you and your family, and in touch with reality.
  • Think about the amount of time you’ll have to spend taking care of your loved one. Be sure that you’re ready to take on the responsibility of caring for an elderly loved one. It takes more work than most people realize, and it is not a responsibility that you can take lightly.

If your loved one has suffered elder abuse in Flagstaff at the hands of another caretaker, get in touch with The Husband and Wife Law Team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today.

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