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Signs of Arizona Nursing Home Abuse

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 19, 2011

It is common for elderly victims of Arizona nursing home abuse to not talk about what they are going through. Abuse victims often become withdrawn or embarrassed and keep their problems hidden. There are a number of potential red flags that family members can keep an eye out for while visiting their loved ones in nursing homes or care facilities. No amount of care and attention can prevent all nursing home abuse, but a watchful eye may help spot potential problems.

Physical abuse may manifest itself in the form of unexplained bruises and injuries. Keep an eye out for bruises on the arms and legs that may be signs of restraint or unnecessary use of force. It may be necessary to inquire about a loved one’s injuries. All accidents that occur in a nursing care facility should be on a patient’s medical report. So if there are observable injuries that are not documented, there may be abuse that is being covered up.

Nursing facilities have an obligation to provide adequate housing and nutrition to their residents. Signs of Arizona elder neglect may be noticeable as soon as you enter the facility. A neglected nursing home resident may have dirty clothes, an unkempt appearance and a messy room. Neglected patients often lose weight because of malnutrition and dehydration.

Signs of verbal abuse may be more difficult to spot. Victims of verbal abuse may undergo personality changes. Nursing home verbal abuse may cause a victim to become easily agitated, withdrawn or frightened. Changes in personality could be symptomatic of verbal abuse that is occurring when you are not around.

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