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Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 20, 2011

Elderly people deserve to live without fear of abuse or neglect from unscrupulous caregivers. Unfortunately, not everyone who works in a nursing home has respect for senior citizens. Some people take nursing home jobs specifically for access to vulnerable residents. They take advantage of this vulnerability by neglecting their duties, physically abusing residents, or tricking residents into giving them money, jewelry, and other valuable objects. While it will never be possible to stop nursing home abuse completely, choosing a nursing home carefully can reduce the risk of nursing home abuse and neglect.

  • Ask a trusted friend or relative for a recommendation.
  • If your family doctor provides medical care to nursing home residents, ask which facility offers the best care for residents.
  • Search for reports or news articles about local nursing homes. Look carefully for information about nursing homes being cited for violations or cases involving abuse of past residents.
  • Review health inspection reports for local nursing homes. Avoid facilities that have poor inspection records.
  • Visit each nursing home on your list of potential facilities. Watch how staff members interact with residents.
  • During your visit, observe the residents of each nursing home. Are they engaged in structured activities, or are they sitting in wheelchairs doing nothing? Do they appear clean and neat? Are staff members paying attention to residents who are asking for help?
  • Contact your state consumer affairs office and ask if they have reports on the quality of local nursing homes.

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