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What You Should Know About the Different Kinds of Burns

By Breyer Law Offices on December 9, 2020

Everyone has experienced a burn at some point in their life. Whether it was a minor one from touching a hot pan, or a severe one from a catastrophic auto accident, everyone has had at least one burn at some point. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that there are many kinds of burns, and many ways to sustain one. Even worse? When these burns happen due to someone else’s negligence.

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How to Spot Elder Neglect

By Breyer Law Offices on December 2, 2020

The elderly need constant care and attention in order to remain healthy and safe. That is often why families may decide that an elderly loved one would do better in a retirement home that can care for them than alone in a house. Few people are able to provide their older loved ones with constant support, especially if all members of the family are working or in school. Nursing homes and retirement facilities are designed to provide round-the-clock care to their residents. However, not all staff do their jobs and not all facilities enforce proper care standards. Knowing what neglect looks like can help you keep your loved one safe and hold those who mistreated them accountable for their actions.

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Posted in: Nursing Home Abuse

Phantom Drivers: More Than Just Make Believe

By Breyer Law Offices on November 15, 2020

While the term “phantom driver” sounds like it’s straight out of a movie, these dangerous drivers are all too real and all too dangerous. The problem is that a phantom driver leaves behind very little evidence, leaving you in a position where you have to prove someone else was at fault for your accident. Never fear, however, as a skilled attorney can help you get the compensation you need.

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Who Owes a Duty of Care to Motorcycle Passengers?

By Breyer Law Offices on November 11, 2020

Nothing is as freeing as riding on the back of a motorcycle. We should know; The Husband and Wife Law Team are motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves. But for passengers, as thrilling as it can be, they are also the most exposed on Arizonan roadways. That means, if you are involved in a collision, you are completely at the mercy of the person handling the motorcycle and the other driver. This can make it especially confusing once it comes time to file a claim. Whose liability insurance policy covers you? Both of theirs? Neither? Do you have a right to file against either one of them?

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The Dangers of an Unladen Truck

By Breyer Law Offices on November 4, 2020

We have all seen a fully loaded semi-truck on the I-10 and clenched up every time we had to pass one. These vehicles are extremely powerful, heavy, and often carry dangerous materials, which is why trucking accidents are so devastating. However, it may surprise you to know that empty trucks are often just as dangerous as ones that are overloaded.

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Mark Breyer Receives America’s Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement Award

By Breyer Law Offices on November 2, 2020

Mark Breyer, one of the founding members of Breyer Law Offices, P.C., and a member of The Husband and Wife Law Team, has been given the coveted America’s Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement Award. This is a prestigious title in the legal community, and thousands of attorneys across the United States work hard to make it on to the list, though very few succeed. We are incredibly proud of Mark Breyer for his incredible achievement!

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I and J Wins Our HEAR and T!

By Breyer Law Offices on November 2, 2020

There are few places as beloved in Surprise, Arizona, as the I and J Foundation Restaurant. The dinner theater establishment was bought by owners Izabela and Jose in 2006. The couple met in a different restaurant that employed them both. After their eventual marriage, they decided it was time to own their own place. After buying I and J Foundation Restaurant, things were tough. The recession hit the establishment hard in 2008, but the couple persevered, changing their menu to fit the hard times, and working diligently to continue to bring in customers. That dedication is why I and J Foundation Restaurant was a clear pick for our Husband and Wife Law Team HEART Campaign!

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Family Vehicles: Trading Safety for Function?

By Breyer Law Offices on October 28, 2020

Your first family mini-van is almost like a rite of passage. It marks the stage in your life when you know you can easily transport your entire household, pets including, on road trips, sports games, and family gatherings. You also expect this vehicle to last you for years, and hopefully throughout the entire time your kids are living at home.

That’s why you might take your time in picking the right vehicle, from reading up on new safety features to crash test ratings to customer reviews. But it is important to know that the standard mini-van, like most vehicles, has inherent issues that can lead to serious injuries.

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The Dangers of Speeding

By Breyer Law Offices on October 25, 2020

When first being taught to drive, you were likely told to obey the speed limit. Sadly, many drivers choose to neglect this rule as they get older, choosing to, instead, go ten, twenty, thirty, sometimes even forty miles per hour over the speed limit. This kind of behavior isn’t just illegal; it’s also reckless and incredibly dangerous. Many drivers and passengers alike have been killed due to speeding.

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CK’s Tavern and Grill: Always in Our HEART

By Breyer Law Offices on October 21, 2020

We at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., are always on the hunt for the next restaurant to help through our Husband and Wife Law Team HEART Campaign. We hunt high and we hunt low for that next winner. Thankfully, we have nominations from incredible Arizonans, so we don’t have to search for too long! Our newest winner is CK’s Tavern and Grill in Ahwatukee.

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