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We Focus on Pedestrian Safety in Las Vegas

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 30, 2019

Is it Sin City, or crowd city? Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and people come from all around the world to see the shows, eat the food, get in on the betting, and generally let loose. As a result, groups shuffle around the Strip, packed together as they cross streets, hail taxis, or meet Ubers, and confusion is the order of the day.

Many people come to Vegas to go a little wild, and part of that is drinking alcohol. When these people then choose to get behind the wheel of a car, whether their own vehicle or a rental car, disaster can and will strike.

Breyer Law Offices, P.C., has helped many DUI accident victims who were injured by another drivers’ negligence. That’s why we want to provide a few tips to pedestrians who are planning to visit Las Vegas:

  • Plan your route. Pack the guidebooks and the maps! Do online research, ask for recommendations, and hit the ground running. But, you should always give yourself the freedom to explore and become familiar with your surroundings in a safe manner. Ask questions and connect with the locals. Take advantage of free resources.
  • Stay cool and hydrated. In the summer heat, pack water and sip from it often. Take snacks just in case, and spend plenty of time in the shade or go inside the air-conditioned buildings. On the flipside, bring a light jacket in case you’re out later than you expect, because temperatures can drop at night.
  • Use walkways and public transportation. The Strip is four miles long, so it’s farther than you think to walk from the Bellagio to the MGM Grand! Luckily, you can use trams and the Las Vegas Monorail, or the walkways between casinos. There are also tour buses to take you to see the sights, like the Strip & Downtown Express. Make sure you pack comfortable shoes and something to amuse yourself like a book, because you may have to wait a bit for transportation.
  • Follow all traffic signals and signs. Read every sign and obey it, especially if you are crossing a busy street. Use crosswalks whenever they are offered, and avoid jaywalking—many streets in Vegas have six lanes and vehicles moving at high speeds. Plus, the fine for jaywalking is several hundred dollars! Take the time to find a safe and legal crossing.
  • Walk in groups. There is always safety in numbers. Besides the fact that a large group is easier to spot, walking around with your friends will keep you from getting lost. Also, if anything does go wrong, your friends can get you help right away.
  • Wear reflective or bright clothing: Making yourself more visible is always a good idea, especially at night. There are so many neon lights and flashing colors in Vegas that drivers can be dazzled—which is no excuse. But we recommend you go the extra mile to protect yourself!

Pedestrians in Las Vegas are at risk for several other types of injury besides being hit by a vehicle. Slip-and-falls can happen anywhere—in a hotel lobby, in a casino bathroom, on a stairway, or out on the sidewalk. While you should watch where you’re going, some hazards are invisible, like water on the floor or uneven pavement beneath your feet. In those cases, the property owner may be responsible to pay for your damages, like hospital bills and lost time at work.

In addition, pedestrians who wander alone through back streets are at higher risk of falling victim to a crime. The Strip is fairly safe, so don’t take detours or try to discover shortcuts by yourself.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Vegas for a bachelor party, or to watch the 2019 Professional Fighters League Playoffs in October at Mandalay Events Center, The Husband and Wife Law Team wants you to stay safe. But if you are injured by a driver, don’t wait to call (702) 380-8000 to speak with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. Our very own Mark Breyer is licensed to practice in Nevada, as well as being a board-certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death law back in Arizona. Your consultation is free, and if we represent you, we take absolutely no fee until we receive a settlement in your favor.

If you were injured in Vegas, don’t let it “stay in Vegas”… call us!

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