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The Top 5 Places Snowbirds Visit in Arizona in Winter

By Breyer Law Offices on January 27, 2020

Sedona, Red, Rocks, Canyon, Landscape, ArizonaArizona is one of the most popular places for snowbirds during the dark, cold winter months. While an influx of snowbirds helps the state’s economy, there is no question that these visitors can get on the nerves of locals. We assume you know what a snowbird is, but just to be clear – the term refers to retirees who choose to make the Phoenix area home during the cold winter months in Canada, the Midwest, or the east, returning home after the weather warms. They buy (or rent) condos or apartments during the months of October through May.

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Man Dies from Heat-Related Injury in Maricopa County

By Breyer Law Offices on June 9, 2019

Arizona’s heat can be dangerous and deadly. In fact, in Maricopa County in 2018, heat caused 182 deaths. This number is up from previous years, with 150 heat-related deaths in 2016 and 155 heat-related deaths in 2017. Officials suspect the numbers could be even higher with because of deaths still under investigation. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heat causes more deaths across the nation than all other national disasters combined.

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Summer Fishing in Arizona

By Breyer Law Offices on May 29, 2019

As summer approaches, more and more outdoor enthusiasts want to get out on the water and recreate. Arizona offers everything from swimming to rafting to boating to fishing and more. With places like Lake Pleasant in Phoenix to Theodore Roosevelt Lake in Tonto National Forest, it’s easy to get out on the water even in one of the hottest states in the nation.

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Don’t Forget Your College Students!

By Breyer Law Offices on August 27, 2018

It’s back-to-school time, and it seems that all the retailers and all the news stations are talking about elementary and high school children. But what about our college students? Parents are also busy getting ready to send them off after a summer away from classes, and they need to consider many of the same safety tips.

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Arizona Sinkholes: What Can Happen, and Where

By Breyer Law Offices on August 6, 2018

While Arizona sinkholes are rare, they are not unheard of. They have caused fatalities, car crashes, and serious injuries. They can open up at a moment’s notice and take everyone by surprise, and it’s often difficult to figure out where they’ll be. In 2016, one man lost his life after stopping his truck, opening his tailgate, and then being swallowed by a sinkhole that was around 18 feet deep. When authorities arrived, his truck engine was still idling and his tools were on the ground. The sinkhole that he fell into had rapidly filled with water, and he couldn’t escape.

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If You Lose Your Case, Do You Lose Money?

By Breyer Law Offices on June 25, 2018

This is a question we at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., get asked all the time, and the answer is NO! If we take your case, there is a good chance you will win and get a settlement to help cover the cost of your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. This settlement will also pay our costs for representing you. But, if you don’t win, we don’t charge you a thing.

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Trips, Falls, and Other Hiking Hazards in Arizona

By Breyer Law Offices on February 17, 2018

While Arizona has some of the most scenic hiking trails anywhere in the West, they can also be the most dangerous. Many of Arizona’s trails expose hikers to great heights, water hazards, and heat injuries. Some trails even bring hikers into snowy areas where they are at risk of hypothermia. Others are hard to follow and hundreds of hikers have gotten lost trying to find their way back to the trailhead.

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Owner with Emotional Support Peacock Forced to Leave Plane

By Breyer Law Offices on February 1, 2018

Many people try to pass off their untrained dogs as service animals, putting other patrons of restaurants, airlines, and shopping malls at risk of being attacked. Recently, a United Airlines passenger was asked to leave the plane because she brought a large peacock with her as an “emotional support bird.” Although she did purchase a seat for the bird, United Airline’s policy is that emotional support animals must sit in front of the passenger’s seat without blocking the aisle or any other seats, and the peacock was too large to fit.

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It’s a Trap: Touring the Grand Canyon

By Breyer Law Offices on January 31, 2018

Over 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon every year, and it’s no wonder why: it’s a geological marvel, deeply steeped in history, and one of those places you can’t truly experience by looking at photos. You have to visit and stand on the edge to really understand how majestic it is.

But sometimes, those who visit the Grand Canyon come away with more than they bargained for. In addition to the memories that will last a lifetime, some visitors come away with personal injuries that also stay with them for years to come…

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The Dangers of Flash Floods and What to Do to Stay Safe

By Breyer Law Offices on January 15, 2018

Flash floods can happen in and downstream of any region that receives more rain than usual. What is hard to predict is exactly when the floods will happen, how severe they will be, and where they will be strongest. Sometimes people are caught off guard by floods that started miles and miles from where it rained, and others are affected by floods that occur with little to no notice because of massive amounts of rainfall.

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