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Access to an Attorney at all Times (Part One)

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on December 3, 2009

I cannot count how many times I have heard about people who complained that other lawyers that they have had in the past failed to keep the lines of communication open. Complaints regularly arose about the lack of communication between themselves and the law office, though often they would not even have contact with their lawyer.

At Breyer Law Offices, we feel our clients have the right to access us as their legal representatives. Our clients have the right to speak to their lawyer, and not just to leave a message on voice mail or talk to a receptionist. People hire us as lawyers to provide the advice and knowledge that only personal injury lawyers in Arizona can provide. If someone hires a lawyer but then does not get answers to their legal questions directly from the lawyer they have hired, how can they trust the information they are getting is truly being answered truthfully by a professional attorney?

We do understand some of these lawyers’ perspective when it comes to dealing with their clients. As personal injury lawyers, we are extraordinarily busy handling extremely important work concerning serious injuries for every one of our clients. We go to court, we work on briefs, and we do everything possible to move a case forward. Because of this, we know that simply giving out our number would be a failure on our part. There are times when we are in the courtroom or office for long trials that take weeks and, in such times, we barely have time to check our voice mail let alone return all phone calls immediately. There are times when we are busy throughout the day and night and are unable to get a full night’s sleep for weeks on end. It was for this reason that we came up with a policy to address such concerns, as we understood the importance our clients placed on being able to access our lawyers.

For more information regarding how we make sure that our clients’ needs are met, please refer to tomorrow’s post.

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