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Access to an Attorney at all Times (Part Two)

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on December 4, 2009

In our previous post, we began our discussion regarding how important it is to us that our clients receive the quality assistance that they deserve. Any of our clients who want to speak with a lawyer need only to call the paralegal assigned to their case and that paralegal will then set up a mutually agreeable time to speak directly to one of the office’s lawyers. It is in this way that we are able to readily answer our clients’ questions and remain accessible to them all the time. In cases when emergencies occur, and we understand that they do, our lawyers have the skill to answer almost any question pertaining to almost any of our cases. The way in which we handle cases gives us an advantage, as the manner in which we select cases and manage them enables our clients to be able to access us whenever they need to.

We never want any client of ours to ever look back and feel that they did not have full access to speak with an Arizona personal injury lawyer to get questions answered directly from an attorney. We simply will not tolerate anything less than excellent service to all of our clients who come to us and trust us.

Customer service is a key to our success. We never want any of our clients to feel that they cannot get their questions answered directly from their lawyer. We want our clients to trust us and come to us when they have questions. We do not tolerate anything less than excellent service for them.

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