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Personal Injury Victims: The Honest, Law Abiding Citizen

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 18, 2008

More often than not, it is the most honorable, sincere, compassionate, law-abiding citizens that find themselves being denied justice by our current legal system in Arizona personal injury cases. Why? It is because usually it is the honest, trusting citizens that wait the longest to consult with an attorney. These are the people who do everything that the insurance adjuster working on behalf of the at-fault defendant asks of them, not realizing that their trust is misplaced. They often start with no intention of even considering hiring a lawyer or filing a lawsuit, and they often suffer greatly as a result of this otherwise admirable mindset.

If victims knew how our legal system worked and understood the process of pursuing an injury claim, these well-intentioned victims could increase their likelihood of a fair settlement or favorable jury verdict. If people were simply provided valuable information and warned of the potential pitfalls, they are more likely to increase the chances of a just result for their injury claim.

We know, from our many jury trials and successful settlements for our Arizona personal injury clients that a fair jury verdict in favor of the injury victim can provide needed medical bills, reimbursement of money from a job that can never be performed again, and an overall return to something approaching the quality of life experienced before the injury. A jury verdict for the plaintiff, in particular, is something that announces that the injury victim – our client – has overcome all of the hurdles and built-in impediments to recovery, survived all of the challenges, and come out with a fair result.

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