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Arizona Personal Injury Cases Require Witnesses Who Are Willing to Testify

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 26, 2010

As an experienced Arizona personal injury trial lawyer, I have experienced both the advantages and disadvantages related to witness testimony. In other words, I have had clients whose cases were won by somebody who observed something that was relevant to the trial and was willing to show up, look the jury in the eye, and explain what they observed. On the other hand, I have had clients who never received the justice they otherwise could have because they were either unwilling or unable to get a hold of the witnesses who had observed the effects on their lives.

Witnesses in serious personal injury cases can play many roles. Some witnesses are witnesses to the accident or injury itself. In the case of a serious motor vehicle accident, some times we see many people pull over and help. Sometimes, people simply ride right by the scene. However, when Good Samaritans pull over, help out, observe what happened, and provide their name to the police, justice is much more likely to be done at a later date.

However, those are not the only kinds of witnesses that are very important. What about friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers who observe the seriously injured person as they struggle and fight to overcome the injury that they have suffered? Are those people witnesses for a personal injury trial? Absolutely. Therefore, somebody who has been seriously injured is well served by providing a list of people that may be able to provide honest, clear testimony about the obstacles and hurdles that the injured person has faced.

A jury may not believe the testimony of the person who is injured. After all, that is the person who is filing a lawsuit. However, neighbors, coworkers, friends, and other observers can go a long way toward proving the strength of the plaintiff’s case.

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