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Arizona Tractor Trailer Accidents Could Be On the Rise

By Breyer Law Offices on July 13, 2009

It looks as if Arizona wrongful death and personal injury claims for collisions involving tractor trailers may increase soon.

We hope that this will not be the case, but recently, truckers are taking on unprofitable loads just to fill their trucks will make it likely that more truck drivers will increase the number of hours they drive beyond what federal regulations allow and thus drive while fatigued. A major reason for suits against trucking companies comes from truckers driving while fatigued, as the drivers attempt to push the limits of their bodies to make more for themselves or their companies. Claims of Phoenix truck accident wrongful death or serious personal injury revolve around this issue, and we see too often how Arizona trucking companies allow truckers to drive in excess of the number of hours allowed. When a trucker falls asleep at the wheel, it is often at the expense of innocent people who by chance happen to share the same roadway with professional drivers who are not getting enough sleep.

Trucking cases are complex, and deciding whether to file a claim requires a consult with the best Arizona personal injury trucking lawyer you can find. A good attorney with the knowledge of the federal regulations regarding trucking is imperative for anyone who has sustained personal injury in an accident involving a semi-truck. The right lawyer will be able to not only file a lawsuit, but also answer any questions the person or family has such as whom to bring the suit against and what the total financial and emotional implications of a truck accident are to truck accident personal injury victims and their families.

We help those victims of trucking collisions and their families through the whole process of a lawsuit. We feel it is important not just to be successful in pursuing lawsuits, but also to ensure that our clients understand the process and their rights, and that they are kept fully informed throughout. It is our efforts to communicate that encourages our clients to contact us whenever they have questions, whether after a trucking accident, automobile accident, motorcycle accident, or any other wrongful death or serious injury claim.

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