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Avoid Injury this Thanksgiving

By Breyer Law Offices on November 25, 2010

The excitement is brewing for this week’s Thanksgiving holiday. Family is coming into town, houses are being decorated, and the stoves are going on to heat up those turkeys, turduckens, or tofurkeys. As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we want to take a moment to remind you of a few safety tips to keep you and your family free from serious injuries this holiday season.

Did you know that on Thanksgiving day, three times as many home fires and home fire injuries occur than on any other day in the U.S. (Safe Kids USA 2009)? If you are visiting a family member or friend this holiday, or are having loved ones over your own home, please keep these tips in mind to protect everyone in the kitchen (Courtesy of Safe Kids USA 2009):

  • Avoid loose-fitting clothing when working near a stove as the fabric may catch fire if you stand too close to a burner.
  • Try to use the back burners on the stove to prevent pots from tipping or handles catching on clothing and causing major burns.
  • When using an oven mitt, make sure it is completely dry, as any moisture in the mitt may heat up when it touches the hot pot or pan, and burn your hand.
  • After removing a dish from the microwave, open it slowly and away from the face to avoid any hot steam or possible exploding food particles.

If you or a loved one suffer serious personal injury due to negligence in another person’s kitchen, you probably have questions. Give us a call at (480) 753-4534 for a free, no obligations consultation, we may be able to help you.

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