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Can a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Fire a Client?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 8, 2010

Many people who are searching for a top auto accident lawyer in Phoenix think only in terms of finding the best lawyer they can for themselves. This is exactly what they ought to do. They ought to find a lawyer with the best credentials, with the right personality and demeanor, and the right spirit and sense of justice that fits the needs of the person who has only one chance to obtain justice. And, that is the reality – there is only one opportunity to obtain justice after a serious personal injury matter or for the family who has lost somebody in a wrongful death situation. Therefore, the focus is rightly on finding that top lawyer. However, some wonder whether or not a lawyer will always work for their client, regardless of what may happen.

Well, I can only speak from personal experience. Our clients fight to overcome the obstacles they have been presented and they deserve a fighter on their side. We will take a case all the way to trial, regardless of the odds that stand against us and regardless of the fact that others may “quit” on their clients. Justice, in and of itself, is worth the fight. Beyond that, any time a lawyer simply runs away from a fight and drops a case or just about “forces” their client to settle a case the insurance company and the insurance industry is watching. They know the lawyers that will fight, and they know the lawyers that don’t know their way around the courthouse.

However, there are rare circumstances where lawyers can-and should-“fire” their clients. If a client is dishonest with their lawyer and/or has not told the truth to medical providers, police, or other vital witnesses related to the personal injury case, they do not deserve a lawyer. The best lawyers stay committed to their clients from start to finish no matter what. People who do not have real claims and are simply trying to “work the system’ do not deserve lawyers, and those lawyers should immediately “fire the client” if that is every discovered.

Fortunately, in our experience, people who are trying to “get over” on the system are extremely rare. Most people are honest, straightforward people whose lives have been changed due to no fault of their own, and they want the best possible lawyer to fight for them and stand by their side.

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