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Can Medical Bills Determine What a Personal Injury Case is Worth?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 5, 2010

There may have been a time where small cases could be valued based upon a simple formula. However, Arizona personal injury attorneys for most seriously injured people simply cannot look at the medical bills alone to decide what a case is worth. And people who live in pain can’t just look at the total amount of their medical bills and figure out how much compensation is fair.

Instead, it takes detailed analysis to determine what money is needed for past losses, what money is needed for the future, and what sum will fully and fairly compensate an injury victim in Peoria, Arizona.

Moreover, coming to a decision regarding the amount of damages to seek is not simply a matter of fairness. The bigger question is what a Maricopa County jury would conclude after taking into account all aspects of the case.

If an insurance company or defendant that caused a serious Peoria, Arizona car accident is not willing to pay a fair amount of money to compensate the injured person, the question becomes what would a jury do. If a jury would award an amount that is greater than what is being offered, an experienced Peoria personal injury lawyer can use that knowledge as a bargaining chip to make sure that the full amount of compensation is won.

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