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Fight Viewers Responsible for Their Own Actions

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 23, 2017

The world had been talking about the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor for months. Then, August 26th came and went, Mayweather triumphed, and the inevitable buzz began about a rematch.

In Las Vegas, the sports bars and restaurants, of course, make sure that they’ll have any big fights playing, and sometimes even movie theaters open their doors for the main events. Many people enjoy spending the night out, watching boxing and MMA, and drinks will doubtless be involved. It begs the question: who’s responsible if these spectators get into a fight?

Big Fights Are Big Business

The Mayweather–McGregor fight brought out lots of enthusiastic fans; and in Las Vegas, lots of big winnings for those who decide to gamble on the outcome.

But situations like these can be risky. Tempers flare, emotions run high, and people watching the fight might be influenced to fight with someone else. Add alcohol to that mix, and the situation is even more dangerous. Some people tend to become aggressive while they drink, and that could incite others. Or even injure innocent bystanders if the drunk person decides to start swinging his fists around.

So again, who’s responsible should these fights break out?

Nevada Personal Injury Standards

In Nevada, it’s very simple: the person who caused the injuries is responsible. Nevada is one of the only states that does not have dram shop laws that hold the owner or operator of an establishment responsible for serving alcohol to people who are already showing obvious signs of drunkenness. People are simply held responsible for their own actions; and if they’ve injured someone, they could have to pay compensation for any injuries they caused.

The only time this doesn’t apply is when someone is acting out of self-defence. For example, if a man didn’t start a brawl, and was only trying to defend himself, he may be excused. But even in these cases, a person could still be held liable depending on what the courts thought about the situation.

While the Mayweather and McGregor fight was touted as the “fight of the century,” it probably wasn’t the only fight Las Vegas saw that night. If you are ever injured in Las Vegas while watching a fight, either live or at another venue, contact us at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., at (702) 380-8000. This can be a tricky area of law, and we want to help you the best way we know how.

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