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Follow These Five Tips for Christmas Tree Safety

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on December 11, 2013

Many people enjoy putting up a Christmas tree for the holidays as well as other decorations. Trees can add cheer and spirit to a household. Putting up a tree is also a great activity the whole family can enjoy. Here are some tips on how to conduct this activity in the safest way possible.

Choose a fresh tree if you choose live. If you choose to have a live tree, make sure it was recently cut and has been properly cared for. If it is already starting to get dry and brittle, don’t buy it. Trees should smell, look, and feel as fresh as possible. Look at the base of the tree. If it is losing a lot of needles, it is dying too quickly. If the needles are brown, it is not fresh.

Choose a fire-resistant tree if you choose artificial. If you opt for an artificial tree, make sure to check its fire rating. You want it to be certified fire-resistant. If it isn’t, it could pose a fire hazard. If you are unsure or if it doesn’t have a rating, find one that does.

Trim the trunk to ensure the tree will live longer. If you choose a live tree, make sure to trim the trunk at least two inches before immediately placing it in its base and watering it. This will help the tree absorb water and stay fresh longer. Trim the trunk using proper equipment, including heavy gloves and eye protection, and in a location away from children.

Water your tree daily. Live trees need to be watered daily. Water will make the tree last longer and reduce the fire hazards. If you are going to be away for a couple of days, arrange for someone to water your tree for you.

Place your tree in a safe location. Trees must be placed in a safe location. Consider all hazards when you are thinking of an ideal location. For example, trees can topple over on children. Make sure the tree is in a place where you can watch your children at all times or alternatively shut doors to keep your children out when necessary. Place the tree away from all heating units like fireplaces, furnaces, and heating vents. Vents can dry out the tree and cause a greater fire hazard.

The Arizona personal injury attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. wish everyone safe and happy holidays.

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