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How Tempe Runners Can Make the Most of Running With Buddies

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 28, 2014

Nothing gets you started towards being a dedicated Tempe runner better than meeting up with your friends to make a positive change in your life. And chances are, if you’re not traditionally into sports or healthy activities, then you’ll need friends to help keep you on track year round. However, having the support of family and friends is different than sharing training time with them. There are many different factors that you should discuss prior to taking on a training buddy for running to avoid injuries, meet your goals, and feel good about what you are doing at all times.

  • Talk about how much time you intend to spend training together. When you first start working out with a buddy you both may want to train together every day of the week. But after the rush wears off—which can happen at different times for different people—you may realize it isn’t right for you. Instead, plan out in advance how often and when you will train with your buddy.
  • Talk to your buddy about your training goals. If you and your running partner have significantly different goals, this could hamper your ability to effectively train together. This can help you set up a tandem training plan and ensure that no one’s goals are left out.
  • Set some rules. This may seem silly at first, but when you’re running with someone you know, especially if that someone is a family member or friend, you may find that blame and criticism are easier to come by than if you train with a stranger.
  • Track your goals and learn to modify in a peaceful manner. Over time you are going to become more fit and you will need to change your goals and your training plan. Talk to your running buddy regularly so that your progress and theirs are both taken into account as changes are made.

Remember, it’s also important to make sure that you have a safety plan set up so you know how to take care of each other and move forward during injuries and crises. Click here for more information about jogging and running accidents.

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