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Is it Beneficial to Settle an Injury Claim in Mesa?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 25, 2010

The answer to this question really depends on a person’s particular situation, and of course, the circumstances surrounding their accident. However, consider this example. A man is severely injured in a Mesa auto accident that was caused by a negligent driver. Everyone agrees that fair compensation for this man’s injuries is about $1 million. But if the jury comes back and only awards the man $100,000, then the man will only receive $100,000. That’s it. It’s not fair, but it’s what the jury decided. So, if we, as Mesa personal injury attorneys, had a crystal ball and knew the jury would only award $100,000 and yet, the defendant was offering $200,000 to settle the case quickly, then we’d settle.

On the other hand, if someone was in a minor accident and sustained a slight injury, many people might think the case does not have merit and the jury should award nothing. And yet, if we had our crystal ball and saw that a jury would award $1 million in this case, even if the defendant were offering $900,000 to settle, we wouldn’t settle.

This can be a very difficult concept to follow and understand – especially because it goes against our notion of fairness and justice in the legal system. But the fact is that juries consist of a randomly assembled group of people (eight in the case of personal injury claims in Mesa and throughout Arizona). These people come from different backgrounds with different opinions and experiences. As a result, no one is ever 100% certain about what a jury will decide – and any Arizona personal injury lawyer who tells you with certainty that they can guarantee a trial’s outcome is not being honest with you.

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