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Social Media’s Impact on Arizona Personal Injury Claims

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 15, 2011

Social media web sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook provide interesting opportunities for those who wish to share details about their lives. Anyone who uses these popular sites should be aware that their information is available for public viewing. Unless you have discreet privacy settings on your Facebook account, just about everything you share can be viewed by an outsider. If you have been involved in an Arizona car accident or have recently filed a personal injury claim, what you post on your Facebook or MySpace page can affect your claim.

If you update your Facebook account posting that you were just in a car accident, you may receive many comments asking how you are and if you’ll be okay. This supportive connection is what social media is all about. It is an immediate link between you and all your friends and family. The problem is, the people investigating your crash can see what you post.

If you many any remark on Twitter or Facebook, for example, about how you were on your phone during the crash or how you may have caused the accident, you can hurt your chances of receiving compensation for the collision. Insurance companies have people looking for such information and if they find it, the value of your claim can be greatly reduced. There is also the possibility of claim being completely denied. Additionally, photos or videos you may post on the site, however unrelated to your accident, may work against you. If you are in the process of claiming compensation, it would be in your best interest to suspend your activity on social networking sites.

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