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Taking a Team Approach to Personal Injury Lawsuits

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 30, 2009

Personal injury claims involving car accidents in Glendale, Arizona can be costly and time consuming. But the attorneys are Breyer Law Offices know how to skillfully handle your personal injury case through years of experience, legal expertise, and a team approach to dealing with each case.

Some attorneys in Glendale take a different approach to personal injury cases. For instance, they might manage all aspects of your case from start to finish. To you, this probably sounds like a like a convenient and efficient approach to your claim, but in actuality, this approach can hurt your case.

Most top attorneys in Glendale only handle the aspects of the case that they are most qualified for. This includes things like forming a strong argument, conducting legal research and a complicated analysis of the case, and coordinating the team as a whole. These are tasks that a skilled lawyer can and should handle. However, there are many other tasks and duties that are important to a personal injury case that the actual lawyer should delegate to someone on his or her staff. Otherwise, the lawyer will get stuck taking care of the minor details of the case and be unable to see the big picture. They will be unable to do it all – and do it well, which will, in turn, hurt your case.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are some personal injury attorneys here in Glendale who don’t like to get involved with any aspects of a case. In these kinds of law firms, paralegals and other support staff members may be assigned tasks that they are not trained to perform. In fact, we’ve even talked to people who have said they’ve never even spoken to or met with the personal injury attorney they hired, only paralegals or support staff. They don’t even know whether or not an actual lawyer even looked at their case. In these kinds of law firms, attorneys just pass off cases to people who are not trained to handle them – another approach that could hurt your chances of winning your case.

At Breyer Law Offices, we take what we like to call a “team approach” to personal injury cases. Each person is assigned tasks that they are best qualified to handle. So, in other words, our lawyers actually do all the legal work and you can rest assured that a skilled Glendale personal injury lawyer is in fact involved with your case. Our paralegals and support staff will manage other critical details in the case that they have been trained to handle. As a result, our clients get the absolute best representation possible to help ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve. In fact, we’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases over the years.

Our law offices are headed up by the husband-wife team of Mark and Alexis Breyer, both of whom have years of experience in personal injury law. Mark is even a certified specialist in Arizona wrongful death and personal injury cases. Only about 2% of the personal injury attorneys in the state receive this special certification. In addition to the Breyers, our office also includes a team of expert paralegals and support staff who work together seamlessly to ensure each case is handled most efficiently.

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