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Thumb and Finger Fractures Could Lead to Serious Complications

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 15, 2011

Many people think of thumb and finger fractures as nothing more than an inconvenience, but these injuries can lead to serious complications if not treated correctly. If a patient experiences complications, or the treating physician does not maintain proper alignment and rotation while the fracture is healing, the fracture could cause a permanent loss of function.

Potential Complications

Possible complications of thumb and finger fractures include degenerative arthritis, malunion, nonunion, infection, malrotation, joint contracture and adhesion of the tendon to bone. Improperly treated fractures may also result in finger deformities. These deformities can make it difficult to perform normal activities.


Most finger and thumb fractures require the use of a splint to immobilize the affected finger and prevent additional injuries. Holding the finger straight while it heals also helps prevent complications. In complicated fracture cases, a physician may use surgery to place wires, screws and pins used to hold the fractured bones together. Complicated fractures may also require expensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation work by a hand specialist.

Impact on Work

Work restrictions depend on the severity of the injury and the amount of dexterity required on the job. Someone who types frequently may need special accommodations such as a one-handed keyboard or speech recognition software. Someone who performs very precise work, such as a surgeon or mechanic, may need to take time off or perform modified duties until the injury heals. The most severe fracture complications may make it necessary to change jobs if loss of function becomes permanent.


The financial and emotional costs of complicated finger and thumb fractures can be devastating. Permanent loss of function can also result in reduced income potential, making it difficult to pay for medical care and other expenses. An experienced Arizona accident attorney can review your case to determine if you have a valid claim.

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