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It’s a Trap: Touring the Grand Canyon

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 31, 2018

Over 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon every year, and it’s no wonder why: it’s a geological marvel, deeply steeped in history, and one of those places you can’t truly experience by looking at photos. You have to visit and stand on the edge to really understand how majestic it is.

But sometimes, those who visit the Grand Canyon come away with more than they bargained for. In addition to the memories that will last a lifetime, some visitors come away with personal injuries that also stay with them for years to come…

Prepare for Visiting the Grand Canyon

Keep in mind that while visiting the Grand Canyon, you’ll be immersed in nature, which is inherently unpredictable and brings certain dangers. For this reason, in addition to making sure you’ve packed your camera, also ensure you bring along some basic necessities you may need while there:

  • Water. Part of the Grand Canyon is, after all, a desert. Though weather varies according to elevation, the farther you travel, the more moisture you lose. This can cause heat exhaustion and dehydration – even in the cold! – two very dangerous conditions. Water helps you fight against them, and while many tour companies say they will provide water to visitors, it’s always best to bring some water just in case.
  • Proper clothing. It’s important for visitors to dress for the weather they’ll be facing. Winter and summer can occur simultaneously at different elevations, making layered clothing a must. Those visiting should also bring sunscreen, even in the winter months, as it does get very bright in the Canyon at times. Even a cloud cover can leave you with bad sunburn in Arizona.
  • Food. While there are restaurants close to the Grand Canyon, you may not want to trek back midday only to have make the hike all over again. Snacks are allowed in the Grand Canyon. To keep their energy up (and just in case something goes wrong), visitors are encouraged to bring them along.

Things That Can Go Wrong

There are a number of things that can go wrong while hiking in the Grand Canyon. Not only can you suffer heat stroke, exhaustion, and dehydration, you can also stumble on rocks, cutting yourself or worse – spraining or breaking a bone. In those cases, there’s probably no liability, because no one else is to the blame for what happened to you. It’s a different story on the way to the Grand Canyon.

There are many tour companies that offer shuttles to the Canyon. And tour buses get into accidents like any other vehicle. Some companies offer helicopter tours, giving visitors a birds-eye view of the Canyon in its entirety. Things can go wrong here too, as helicopters have been in accidents before.

Tourists who choose to drive themselves to the Grand Canyon can also get into a car accident with you. Regardless of if they are unfamiliar with the area, or simply being negligent, you may wish to claim compensation for your injuries and damages.

How an Attorney May Help

When some accidents happen, it’s not clear who could be held liable. For instance, if a Phoenix tour bus gets into an accident on the way to Grand Canyon because someone else crashed into it, is the bus driver to blame? The other driver? The bus company? It depends. If the bus driver had a history of getting into accidents and the tour company still employed him, it could also be held liable.

Many tour companies have a disclaimer in their contract or on their website to remove all liability, but these are not typically legal. When tour companies profit off passengers, they are legally responsible for the safety of those passengers. When they fail to uphold certain safety standards – like allowing accident-prone drivers behind the wheel – they could be found liable in Arizona.

An Arizona personal injury attorney may be able to help you recoup losses you incurred as a result of any accident at the Grand Canyon that may have been someone else’s fault. Even if the injury doesn’t seem serious at first, it still may cause you to miss work and lose income in the long run. Personal injury attorneys are aware of the many different types of compensation available, and we always do our best to help you claim it.

Visiting the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and visitors should enjoy all that it has to offer. After experiencing it, you should be able to walk away with some great memories and pictures that help convey a fraction of the beauty to your loved ones. If you come away with injuries, we might be able to help! For a free, no-obligation review of your case, call Breyer Law Offices, P.C., at (602) 457-6222.

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